We have been fielding inquiries regarding overseeding successes or failures from last year. For services performed by us and by other companies.

The skinny is that we just haven’t been warm enough. Last fall weather was dry and cold and well, this year we seem to still be in winter no matter what the calendar says. Unless you are blatantly bare, redoing an overseed will not help or enhance anything.

For grass to grow, it needs 3 things. Sun, water & food. The lack of any of these 3 will stunt growth. If you had your lawn verticut and overseeded by us or another company, be patient. Bluegrass or fescue, we need to have the ground temps increase to the upper 60’s/70’s. For that to happen, we need air temps higher than that. Once our temps rise, the grass will grow.  You can see new, young blades if you look hard enough, but there is plenty more just waiting to pop. Give it time.


BTW, Today’s forecast is temps 15 degrees below average and yesterday was 25. Perspective is everything.

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