Hometown Lawn is unique when it comes to native plants and streamway stabilization projects. Owner David W. Brucker, P.E., has experience in the design, materials supply, plant production and installation of native restoration and Clean-Water Act compliant requirements.

As a Civil Engineer in private practice, David designed and oversaw many projects of Corps of Engineer permits, City level streambank stabilization and restoration including those within Water’s of the U.S.

As a CEO at a privately held Clean Water Act materials and nursery sales facility, David learned the procurement industry for compliance. This included Native Plant seed sourcing & production, seed mix design, materials purchasing and sourcing as well as market sales. Knowing the value of a service is imperative to produce a successful completed project.

As owner of Hometown Lawn, David uses his experience to install and maintain native projects. Hometown Lawn is the native plant sub-contractor that can bid such projects complete and competitively. A complete bid that includes all requirements and specifications is not always happening for the municipal owners. All of Hometown Lawn project bids are produced for project compliance, not assumed short-cutting or ignorance.Native Plant Greenhouse to grown native plugs on-demand per project.

Hometown Lawn has a greenhouse to which all project natives are grown. This is how we are able to assure seed compliance and product success.

We procure the seed from regional seed suppliers with verified tag data for all of our plug production and broadcast jobs.