Olathe Sprinkler Backflow CertificationIt’s a different game installing or repairing Olathe sprinkler systems. Olathe’s contractor requirements are different than other municipalities in our area. The main difference being:

To install or replace a backflow, a cross-connection permit is required. This permit must be applied for at the City by either the homeowner or a Johnson County Licensed Plumber. Hometown Lawn is a licensed plumber by the Johnson County Licensing Board and is able to pull permits at the City of Olathe without putting this burden on the homeowner. (Who has time to stand in line at the City?)

A backflow device is a part when operating properly allows the water to flow in one direction. This is vital to an irrigation system because of the use of pesticides on lawns. In-ground irrigation systems have the opportunity for dissolved pesticides to enter the piping via gravity water flow when not in use. If these pesticides were able to continue through the piping network they would eventually make their way into the public water system. Pesticides entering into the public water distribution network is obviously a bad thing. Backflow devices prevent this from happening. However, like anything, they are made of products that can age and fail. That is why we must perform tests on them so we can be sure they are still functioning proper. In Olathe, a backflow test is required every year, regardless if you have used your irrigation system or not. If the network is connected to the City water supply, this test is required.

The Types of Backflow Devices allowed in Olathe, Kansas are:

  • PVB Pressure Vacuum Breaker
    • Must be 12″ above highest head
    • Min. 6″ above ground
    • Not allowed in a pit or hole
  • RPZ Reduced Pressure Zone
    • Must be 12″ above ground
    • Not allowed in a pit or hole

All backflow preventer assemblies are required to be tested by a licensed plumber or a certified tester:

  • upon installation and annually, thereafter
  • after repairs have been made
  • when an assembly has been relocated

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