Below we explain how we can help you with a new sprinkler system or a renew of your old irrigation network. If you live in Lenexa, Overland Park, Olathe, Shawnee, Leawood, Merriam, Gardner, Mission Hills or somewhere else in Johnson County or Kansas City Metro and really want a Hunter lawn sprinkler system but have some questions first, you are at the right place to get the right answers. How much will it cost, how can I find a good competent contractor, will it tear up my yard, when is the best time to install a system… I know if you call us, 913-256-5296 we can answer all of your questions, but maybe we can answer some of those questions here. A good yard irrigation system can save money, keep a lawn looking nice, let you sleep in…ok…ok…


1. A properly designed yard sprinkler system can save money in many ways.

a.) In-ground yard sprinklers use a timer clock. Setting the days to water, the start time and station watering times can all be done utilizing several options. A supplement to Hunter time clocks is the recently introduced Hunter Solar Sync. This optional tool replaces rain sensors and gauges with a computer that recognizes recent weather conditions and will adjust your set program accordingly. YOU CAN’T GET MORE EFFICIENT. These are available wireless and wired and can be added to almost any Hunter Controller. Call us to add it to your current system. 913-256-5296.

b.) Setting and maintaining sprinkler heads is also a key to water conservation and efficiency. Just think about it, if your sprinkler is watering the street, then it has to run longer to water your lawn. A properly placed and adjusted head doesn’t have to run as long to get the water to the yard. Johnson County lawns need 1 inch of water per week in the Spring and Fall, while Summers here require 1.5″. Use a rain gauge to set proper zone times and remember, if it rains, then that is less you would have to water. If you have sprinkler heads hitting landscaping or something else and need to be moved, call us, it costs less than you probably think.

c.) Stay up to date. If your lawn sprinkler is an older system, then it probably is leaking, using older technologies and philosophies. We have seen it where we de-winterize a system and can watch the water meter start to click immediately. Before we have even started the zones. That is not a good thing. Paying for water to leak out is not ideal and what we call an unrealized expense. We understand that our repairs are realized expenses up front, but if you are planning to stay in your home, or just can’t stand knowing you are spending money with every tick of the clock, then you need to call us and do an evaluation of your system and start saving you money. I am just sure we could make improvements to any system out there more than one-year old.

d.) Water Efficiency. Hometown Lawn offers a package upgrades that consists of a variety of component upgrades that are designed to improve water use efficiency. Pressure regulation of the system in the lines as well as at the heads in conjunction with ET sensors, flow control and a few other tricks can save 30%-50% annually. This package can also be added to an existing system. Contact us for more details.

2. What are good system products / brands?

a.) Hunter, Rain-Bird, Weathermatic and Toro are all names that are recognized industry leaders. We at Hometown Lawn install Hunter products for our new systems. There are many reasons we choose Hunter, and we service all brands. Our backflow products are Zurn made Wilkins Double Check, Febco RPZ and PVB.

3. What is the cost for a new system?

a.) There is no standard answer…just let me say this. You get what you pay for. If you are looking for the cheapest price…what do you think you are going to get? Do you think that contractor is giving up profit to give you the cheapest price? NO. He is sacrificing quality on YOUR system. How? By putting in fewer zones, (saves valves, wire & pipe), fewer heads,  no rain sensor and no other options. If you are looking for the cheapest guy on the block, don’t call us. We only put in systems we are happy to claim, and that means doing it right and doing it right isn’t done by being the cheapest around. It is that simple. A rough expectation to pay is that a standard 1/3 acre lot home irrigation system to requires 5 or 6 zones and costs $3,000-$4,000. If you want a sprinkler system but are shopping only for the lowest price, then we suggest you wait until the budget allows for quality to be the determining factor. Don’t pay for junk you can’t use and won’t use. If it isn’t done right from the start, it will only cost you in the end.

Water is getting expensive and over 10 years, a system not installed or designed correctly will cost you many times over.

4. How long does installation take and what will my yard look like?

a.) It commonly takes less than a week with good weather and can be done as fast as two days. Using a vibratory puller most lawns come out looking just fine. You also need to remember, the lawns heal fast because now you have a sprinkler system to be watering without you even having to worry about it. Check out our YouTube video of a puller in action.



5. What makes a good contractor?

a.) Honesty. There is no substitute for a good trustworthy contractor. And we have all heard the stories, there are a lot that aren’t out there. So, telling you one thing and doing another is NOT what you want. Like we say many times, we can be the cheapest out there, but you don’t want it.

b.) Knowledge & Experience. Hometown Lawn systems are designed by a licensed Engineer and Plumber. NO ONE ELSE can say that.  Why accept any less?

c.) Insurance. Hometown Lawn is licensed and insured with General Liability and Workman’s Comp. If your contractor doesn’t have these two type of insurance, guess who pays if someone is hurt or damage is done… YOU DO. Insurance is a MUST. Ask for a copy before work begins or a decision is made.

d.) Using LEGAL workers. Hometown Lawn verifies all of our staff to be legal to work in the U.S.

e.) Hometown Lawn – 913-256-5296 (LAWN) Do yourself a favor and call us today. Save time and cut to the chase. We always suggest you use the Power of 3 and get at least 3 estimates. Just make sure that Hometown Lawn is one of your three.

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