Late Spring 2018 – Olathe based Hometown Lawn, LLC removed and replaced hazardous residential concrete stairs

Our subject property as seen in the photo, had crumbling concrete entry steps. Somewhere along the life of these stairs, an epoxied overlay had been installed. This overlay resulted in the trapping of water during freeze/thaw cycles and shorted the life of the concrete below. Concrete is porous, and if water is not allowed to leave these pores, the freeze/thaw cycle expands within and starts to degrade the concrete surface and will continue throughout the entire depth if left unattended.

Due to the current damaged state, a full removal and replacement was recommended. So we got to work. Using a concrete saw and jackhammer, we made short work of the removal. I mean, it wasn’t all there to begin with. Once the existing debris was loaded to the trailer for disposal, we got to work with the framing. We used 2×8 lumber for the rise forms because code requires a maximum rise of 7-3/4″, so the 7.5″ width of the 2×8 keeps us within code. Rules you know. Per the request of the client, the last step was left in place.

Next up was gravel (3/4″ clean) and rebar (1/2″ or #4) was to be set in place. Since concrete is only great in compression, rebar is a must for steps. Seems they are always wanting to pull away… More pictures are available to view in the gallery below. We used 4,000# psi concrete for our mix as we don’t expect any heavy loads to be driving on the stairs. 🙂





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