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Production Manager

The Production Manager is responsible for the production process of the company. The Production Manager coordinates all activities related to the projects. The Production Manager is responsible for completing each project on time, on budget and with a high level of quality. The Production Manager will represent the company for all production related items. Client satisfaction is the measure of success.


  1. Minimum of five (5) years, full- time experience in managing projects
  2. Professional degree/certifications, preferably in Construction Management, Turf Management or equivalent
  3. Hands-on experience in construction or green industry
  4. Proficient with MS OFFICE and project management software
  5. Excellent communication skills
  6. Working knowledge of construction and green industry methods, techniques, systems and codes
  7. Knowledge of process improvement techniques
Job Description
Production Planning
  1. Reviews proposals/contracts for feasibility, cost and schedule issues
  2. Implement and manage the production schedule
  3. Determine the human resources required
  4. Determine the material and equipment resources required
  5. Develop and implement standard operating procedures for production operations
  6. Ensure efficient collaboration and coordination between relevant departments including sales, procurement, distribution and leadership
Management of Jobs
  1. Responsible for a complete understanding of the job from available verbal and written information including: blueprints, specifications and bids
  2. Ensures that each job site is visited daily by a company representative to monitor job progress, quality, safety, cleanliness and site security
  3. Creates job schedules, orders materials and schedules sub-contractors as necessary
  4. Conducts a pre-construction meeting at the start of each job
  5. Responsible for emailing daily Job Report
  6. Maintains job log for each active job
  7. Conducts regular project review meetings with clients
  8. Responsible for change orders: scope, cost, documentation and client approval
  9. Responsible for punch list and job completion
Financial / Cost Management
  1. Identifies cost concerns in the estimating phase
  2. Tracks actual costs against estimates and coordinates with sales and accounting
  3. Documents production for invoicing projects
  4. Develop and manage production budget
  1. Ensures compliance with all company rules, policies and agreements
  2. Supervises field associates and subcontractors
  3. Evaluates quality at each production step
  4. Implement and enforce quality control and tracking programs to meet quality objectives
  5. Document company procedures and train associates and subcontractors
  6. Ensure implementation and adherence to safety procedures
  7. Analyze production and quality control to detect and correct problems
Work Hours and Schedule
  1. We work with clients between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm on weekdays and some Saturdays.
  2. The position is anticipated to be a +/-40-50 hours per week commitment
  3. Periodically the job will require additional time
Terms of Employment: 
  1. This is a Full-Time Employment Position.
  2. Pay is Salary with Paid-Time-Off.
  3. Pay is dependent upon experience. 

Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with Hometown Lawn, LLC’s company policy as per Company Handbook.  The COO/GM will give the evaluation.

Hometown Lawn, LLC is an equal Opportunity Employer
Hometown Lawn, LLC is a Drug-Free Workplace

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Lawn – None At This Time.

Landscape – None At This Time.

Irrigation – Open Position

Title:  Experienced Irrigation Technician
Exempt Status: Non-Exempt
Reports to:  Production Manager

Job Description
Qualifications / Knowledge of:
  1. Concepts, methods, practices, equipment, and materials in the grounds and irrigation trades.
  2. Diagrams used in installation and repair of irrigation systems.
  3. Methods, materials, equipment, and tools used in general grounds and maintenance work.
  4. Basic English usage, writing, and math.
  5. Safe working practices and procedures.
  6. Safety rules and regulations for this position.
Ability to:  
  1. Read and effectively intercept schematics, blueprints, and sketches.
  2. Proficiently use hand and power tools and basic power equipment.
  3. Perform semi-skilled work in the grounds and irrigation trades with a minimum of supervision.
  4. Perform mathematical calculations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  5. Maintain work schedules and deadlines in performing tasks..
  6. Wear provided company shirts and maintain a pleasant appearance and demeanor while in uniform.
  7. Understand and carry out oral and or written instructions.
  8. Handle all matters in a tactful, courteous, and confidential manner so as to maintain and/or establish good public relations.
  9. Establish and maintain effective work relationships with those contacted in the performance of required duties.
  10. Represent Hometown Lawn professionally at all times.
Training and Experience Preferred:
  1. High School Diploma or GED
  2. One (1) year of experience in the performance of irrigation systems.
  3. Good/Verifiable work history and attendance.
Essential Functions:
  1. Assists in the maintenance, installation, and repair of irrigation water systems.
  2. Makes routine and emergency repairs as needed or assigned.
  3. Plants and restores any and all landscape items that may have been damaged during replacement of parts or during installation of irrigation system.
  4. Operates hand and power tools and equipment including but not limited to trencher, air compressor, and any other grounds equipment and tools.
  5. Digs holes and trenches as assigned.
  6. Follows company policies and procedures.
  7. Performs other related duties as assigned.
  8. Checks and tests new equipment for proper operation before use.
  9. Familiarizes with the various types of irrigation heads and nozzles.
  10. Able to operate company vehicles as assigned.
  11. Maintains records of pending and completed work requests, prepares written and oral reports as required.
Special Requirements:
  1. Possession and maintenance of a valid Kansas or Missouri Drivers License, a good driving record, and is insurable under Hometown Lawn, LLCs insurance policy.
  2. Good physical condition, with stamina to maintain a rigorous work schedule requiring continuous physical exertion and frequent heavy lifting.
Physical Abilities:
  1. Able to lift and carry up to thirty (30) pounds frequently and fifty (50) pounds occasionally.
  2. Able to push and pull a variety of tools and equipment weighing up to fifty (50) pounds.
  3. Able to sustain strenuous manual labor for six (6) to eight (8) hours.  
  4. Able to work at various elevated heights on ladders, roofs, etc in a safe and effective manner.
  5. Able to work in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions.
  6. Able to work in restricted spaces in a safe and effective manner.  
  7. Able to demonstrate manual dexterity necessary to perform fine maintenance procedures and operate both manual and power hand tools in a safe and effective manner.
  8. Able to operate a variety of powered and manual equipment and tools associated with the installations of irrigation systems.
  9. Able to operate a variety of motor vehicles in a safe and effective manner.
Terms of Employment: 

This is a Seasonal Employment Position
Pay is hourly plus overtime. This position will start $20+/hour dependent upon experience. Prevailing wage projects are sometimes available as well.


Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with Hometown Lawn, LLC’s company policy as per Company Handbook.  The Supervisor will give the evaluation.

Hometown Lawn, LLC is an equal Opportunity Employer
Hometown Lawn, LLC is a Drug-Free Workplace
Last Updated: January 15, 2020

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Drainage – None At This Time.

Concrete – Got flatwork experience. Complete an application. We’d be interested to talk.

Pools – If you have multiple years of pool construction we want to talk to you. Please apply here.