Hunter MP-RotatorWhen the temps rise up and municipalities impose restrictions keeping a lawn alive can get tricky. Lawns seek 1″ of water per week under normal temps and 1.5″ under more extreme conditions (July-Aug) for a cool weather grass. Unless directed otherwise by our clients, we set schedules this time of year to coordinate odd or even days that match the address. Even addresses water on even days and odd waters on odd days. Some clients wish to water more, ie. 5 days. In comparison over a two week period and every other day schedule waters 7 days whereas 5 days a week is 10 days. A savings of money and water conservation of 3 days.

We also suggest having all irrigation systems reviewed by a professional for any problems or excessive use. A properly maintained and operated system can save resources in the future. Call us 913-256-5296 to learn more about our system analysis service.

And… even if you are not watering your lawn, you should be watering your foundation in times of drought. Our clay soils dry out and pull from the foundation walls leaving them a free standing structure. They were not meant to be or designed to be such. This is when damage can occur. A soaker hose 3′ from the home a few times a week can save costly foundation damage.


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